Hello and welcome to my blog, which will [hopefully] be a mildly interesting compilation of photographs, struggles, and revelations. So…these past few weeks have been a crazy time for me – I graduated with my BFA from Northern Arizona University on December 16, 2016, and on January 1st, my boyfriend and I drove 22 hours from Flagstaff, Arizona to New Albany, Indiana, where we spent a week living in the Wilkey’s basement (which was honestly lovely, thank you Bill&Amanda). Here I am exactly one month after graduating from NAU, having just signed a lease on an apartment in Indiana, working in a totally new studio with an entirely different group of people. Crazy!

The photo above is a panorama shot off my back porch featuring a pretty sweet view of the Ohio River and the train tracks.

Its been hard to make time for the studio this week, with all of this lease signing and unpacking and furniture buying to be done. But I finally made clay – side note, IUS has the cleanest Soldner mixer I have seen in my entire life. Bravo. Well done. That thing is beautiful.

So I ended up making two red clay bodies after working exclusively with porcelain for over a year. I’ve never worked with either of these clays before; one is a red-orange mid-range body and one is a red low-fire sculpture clay with nylon fiber. When you break the fiber clay apart it looks like this:


I also pumped out most of my test tiles for class. I made my own because I am most interested in glazes that are successful over heavy texture.


Also, my butter needed a home, so I made a butter dish with soft slabs. It was fun. While I was making it, I accidentally rammed a ware board into the corner. Chris Staley’s idea of embracing accidents has really turned my whole standard of perfection on its head (thanks, Brian) and so I rammed the ware board into the corner again, and then into the other three corners, too.


That’s all I have for this week. Up next week: working on sculptures, making casting slip, making paper porcelain, and attempting to successfully build a dehydration system for my paper porcelain out of PVC.

Later, alligators.