This week, I dove into three sculptures and some dishes, as well as making furniture for the new apartment. Making and dehydrating paper clay is postponed until further notice – which is a terrible idea considering that the paper is already soaking in a bucket and, frankly, I’m surprised it hasn’t started rotting yet. With paper clay you have “options”; the clay will either smell like vinegar, bleach, or a very full diaper, OR (my preferred method) you can make and use the clay before it rots. Pray for me.

Here are a some photos of sculptures in the works. The first two are sister sculptures, anemone-inspired culminations of many, many hours of hand-rolled coils (I’m not crazy, you’re crazy).


I’ve also been working on one that is soft slab constructed, with a hollow perimeter. This will be flipped over and textured, probably with coils.


This week I have also been working on tables – Kyle and I decided to build four simple and relatively cheap tables using lengths of threaded black pipe, floor flanges, and maple plywood. That way, when we move approximately one thousand times in my pursuit for a job in the arts, we can break down and take the pipe, meaning we can reconstruct furniture very quickly and inexpensively. Here is a picture of the desk we finished last night:


I also just finished sanding and oiling the wood for the three other tables (two nightstands and a coffee table).


Serious shout out to Kyle for getting the pipe cut and threaded (AKA four hours of hanging out with the plumbing crew at Home Depot) as well as cleaning the grease off, ordering flanges, and applying fixative. These tables are kinda…Pinterest, but I still enjoy finishing wood and putting things together into other things. Get at me, IKEA.