This week I’ve been plugging away at another coil sculpture that is a bit more of a complex form. It began like this (that’s the bottom):


…and it has grown into this:


Bit tedious, really.

I’ve also been working on a project with a lot less control. I call it freestylin’. This project began as a slab/pinch pot experiment gone awry, and changed a lot when I decided to use it for my 30 inch project. It stands at about 31 inches tall right now, and I still have plans to resolve the top part with a little bloom inside of the…petals, or what have you. I’m surprised it hasn’t fallen apart yet (ooooooh knock on wood) as it is really thin and maybe a little bit shoddily constructed. But, it is my first time coil building on such a vertical scale.


I’m also ready to rumble with some paper porcelain details, after finally mixing and dehydrating a small batch WHICH DIDN’T ROT! MOM GET THE CAMERA! Happy with that, but it’s always underwhelming to see a full 5 gallon bucket of wet mixed clay turn into about 25 pounds. That first blue bucket picture is just a roll of toilet paper doing its thang, before adding dry material.