This past week, I have been in Portland, OR for NCECA!!!!! I also spent several extra days with my good friend from undergrad, who has family and friends in Portland. I got to explore the city, see a ton of art shows, cross a million bridges, and eat so much great food. I also spent a lot of time talking with grad school booths and had a couple of long and enlightening conversations with university professors.

I’ve included a few highlight pictures from Portland.

We got a chance to tour the Skutt factory and see the shows as well as their incredible private collection. Here is a photo of the brick room:


Emily Counts’ show at the small gallery Nationale was pretty phenomenal and gave me some ideas about incorporating textiles into my work.


Here is a sculpture by CJ Jilek at Disjecta – The Evocative Garden was a super interesting concept for a show, and this was one of the pieces that really stood out to me.

CJ Jilek

At PDX Contemporary Art, Bean Finnerman filled a room with her energetic sculptures. They remind me of Zemer Peled’s work, but taken in another direction.

FullSizeRenderBean Finnerman

This slip cast, wood fired, fire extinguisher series by Cooper Jeppesen at Blackfish was incredible. Each individual object was unique and beautiful and took on new significance as a group.


The last photo I’m including is work by Amanda Salov at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. I loved the delicacy and the shadow play that this piece created.