This week, I have been working on the finishing stages – surface treatment – of my two larger bio sculptures. I’m working toward a finished product that would involve the pieces themselves, with a cold finished surface (enamels, chalk paint, and wax), and a concrete or wooden base.

I wanted to show photos of my fired butter dish, which turned out well.

I have begun working on a new finishing approach with the following “telophase” piece. I decided to use enamel paint for a glistening red, evocative of internal organs, and a contrasting black chalk paint on the interior, leaving the outside raw. I may rub some wax into the raw clay to finish it, but I do like the difference in sheen and the surface contrast that provides.



And to wrap up I’m including an image of my newest project, which melted into a puddle in my kiln after I over fired it. But, I am still really excited about it.