Most of this week was spent enameling parts of my sculptures after firing. After I finished the red enamel on the binding coils of my first sculpture, I painted a chalk black acrylic on the interior – both colors involved a ton of very, very precise detail work and a lot of layers. I’m very pleased with the result. For my critique, I showed that sculpture as well as many others at various stages of completion. The critique went very well; there was great dialogue and I left with a few juicy brain seeds.

After the critique, I started on enameling my second sculpture. I decided to leave the external coils bare, but I may buff them up with a shoe polish or wax.


This image was taken after my first layer of blue. I have since blended the outside “feathers” in a blue-black gradient and added a little white halo. Again, the enameling involves mostly very focused detail work and many layers.

I am also working toward a finished product with all of my bone casts. I have painted the fired bones with the same ultra matte chalky black, and then added a layer of polyurethane gloss to the texture on either end, which really gives a nice contrast. I am thinking about attaching the bones into a sort of DNA ladder using lengths of ribbon.

In the first image, you can see my funeral slab where bugs go to die.

That’s all for this week, mostly because I forgot to take more/better photos. Thanks for looking!