During the first week of classes, I have been wrapping up the building stages of sculptures I worked on this summer. The last weeks of the summer have been spent ┬ávisiting graduate programs, which has been an extremely useful activity, and I have gotten to see some incredible schools and cool parts of the country. I’ve been to the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Ohio University, Kent State, and Bowling Green State in Ohio, and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. I’ve begun to polish up my artist statement/letters of intent in anticipation for grad applications this winter, which I’ll have to have completed before my family leaves for India in mid-December.

Some of the sculptures I’ve been working on are now about to get surface treatment, and I’m about to start testing a few things and making some decisions.

This pair made it through bisque without noticeable cracking, which is a miracle #blessed.


I also am very close to finishing up this large lotus seed pod, which has been really time consuming but also very rewarding.

That’s all I have for this first week! I am excited to hit the ground running, I have really clear ideas and I’m ready to make it happen.