This week I’ve moved on to porcelain paper clay things. The main portfolio project I’m focusing on is a well fitting receptacle for my carved and burned wood piece, which still needs to be painted or surfaced in some way. It is so incredibly detailed that I thought a nice, clean, well fitting “mother” piece would provide the nicest contrast.

Here is a picture of the bottom of that mother piece – the top is much more interesting to look at, but I didn’t want to flip it again before it hardens up a little bit.


I have also been playing with the coils in a larger serving bowl form. The bowl is medium sized and I really like the way the rim and the foot use the same type of negative space.


I also made some surface-specific test tiles, which I really like to do because different patterns will catch glaze quite differently.  Hopefully these coiled pots and sculptures can get some glaze soon.