This week I finished up my porcelain nest for my wood-burned piece. Last week you saw the bottom, so here is the finished top:


I also roughed out two new pieces to go with one I already made, for a series of three. Once they are fired, I will be stringing them with some type of textile (embroidery thread, maybe) and hanging them on the wall. These still need a bit of polishing…

I also started a third coil sculpture. I built this inside a slump mold, so I think I’m building the top and I will have to work out the bottom later. I don’t do sketches for these, because it’s so much fun to see where the coils want to go.


Also not pictured:

  • Unloading a bisque to find that it had been under fired for a mystery reason
  • At least 3 hairline cracks in my lotus seed pod that will have to be addressed with a mystery solution
  • Hours of mixing clear glaze with various mason stain combos for finishing my coil mugs!