This week I have completed another sculpture in the banksia pod series. Banksia pods are cones that grow from banksia trees in the Australian desert, and are often used in woodturning applications because the cavities provide an interesting design element. I discovered the pods after I had made the first two sculptures, posted a photo on instagram, and someone commented about banksia pods. They look like this:


And here is the sculpture I finished this week:

The fact that I created something that so closely resembled a whimsical and very real part of nature is real neat. I built the last one on foam and rounded both ends, and I also added more coils to create protrusions from the eye holes. These decisions were informed by looking at photos of real banksia pods.

I also ran some cone 10 glaze tests for my coiled mugs and bowls. The majority of the tiles are a clear base with various mason stains, and I was really displeased with the results of the mason stains in reduction. They look really blown out and definitely not true to color at all, where they would have been in oxidation.


I did have one tile that I liked very much, which was the class Rutile Green over Liz Kraus Shino. Mmmm mm juicy.


I also finished polishing up and cutting holes into my red cone 6 pieces that I roughed out the week before.


The last couple photos I wanted to share this week are images of my porcelain base with the wooden piece inside of it. There’s some nice nesting action going on, and I just have to hope and pray that they still have a good fit post shrinkage.