This week, I built the other half of my bumpy pod. The second half was a lot quicker, as I had the muscle memory from figuring out the first half. I included an “armature” which was two large intersecting planes that will hopefully hold the piece in shape and avoid warping in the kiln. It also made it a lot easier to build! I coil built off of the slab armature, and pushed out and shaped the bumps with one hand on the inside.


I also spent a lot of time preparing my jewelry for the kiln – I designed a hanging mechanism with nichrome wire and kiln posts, so that I could glaze all the way around the small pieces. After my last run of cone 10 tests, I found that layering some of the class glazes were the most interesting results that I got, and so I am also using these pieces as test tiles for mugs – I used 5 combinations of class glazes. It turns out, glazing teeny tiny things is really hard. But, I’m excited to see the results.