This week has been all about the testing. I’m getting ready to fire and finish these two sculptures:

…which are both earthenware, except for the porcelain seeds. So, this week was all about glaze testing for glaze/surface combinations. I’m looking specifically for a vibrant glaze for the seeds and pockets, and a funky texture glaze for the bumpy sculpture. I ran 25 test batches………..


Since I am planning on utilizing the raw surface of the fired clay, which will become more vibrant the higher I fire it,  I ran my first round of glaze tests to 04 with a 10 minute hold. Here are a few nice ones that I am currently re-testing in the kiln on tiles that have a porcelain middle and a red outer (mini lotus pods), and I am also firing this round to cone 03 with no hold at the top, to see what that will do to the clay body. I don’t want to push it much hotter than that, because my pieces could definitely warp/bloat.