This week was all about the glazing: glazing jewelry, glazing mugs, glazing sculptures, my eyes glazing over, etc.

I started off by firing Li’l Eddy with my jewelry/test tiles and a coiled mug with a test glaze combo. I got some really interesting stuff, I’m a huge fan of the Rutile Blue over Jeff’s Long Beach.


Rutile Green over Shino is also nice – that’s what I tested on the outside of the mug, with just Liz Kraus Shino on the inside. There’s a ton of carbon trapping at the lip, which seems out of character for this Shino(?) but it’s really nice.


The last thing I did this week was glazing my seed pod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It took hours and I have been dreading it for weeks. I spent basically a whole day sanding all of the seeds, to make them extra smooth. I washed the entire piece and gave it a day to dry. I mixed two glazed, and slathered one all over the outside, then wiped it all off in hopes that it will darken the clay body a bit. Could just be another lesson in futility. I dipped my porcelain seeds in the second glaze and brushed a thick layer into each of the cavities. Hopefully all of this detail work pays off, and it looks nice after I bake it!