This past week marked the start of a very hectic month for me – I am applying to seven grad schools, moving across the river to Louisville, and preparing to leave for India with my dad and brother in mid December. I had a critique last week, and was able to glaze and finish two large pieces that have taken up a ton of time. Lots and lots of process goes into the new work.

Glazing this one took me a lil while.

This one took a lil bit of time too.

I’m also working my planter box idea to fruition this week, “staining” the hands with glaze and then building this little janky planter box from old moldy pallet wood. Gotta get that aesthetic down, breh.

I’m also finishing up some of these coil mugs for a small holiday commission. I have been layering class glazes, which I’ve been really impressed with. I’m a huge fan of the IUS glaze pallet, its funky fresh. Lots of color variety and glazes that work well over texture. Whoever made the class glaze inventory must be some kind of genius.