This week I’m writing my blog from instead of I’m definitely still getting my bearings, but it’s amazing how far web hosting has come. I picked a pretty minimal theme and wrote some About pages, reformatted my CV, and moved my blog over here. The next step will be to edit and optimize all of my photos and setting up a nice gallery.

This week I went to Chihuly Night at Maker’s Mark distillery. It was amazing! I was actually told about this Chihuly show in my final critique, and I am so glad I went to see it.

Here are some cool pictures but they’re arranged in a real garbage way, I know, I know. #morestufftofigureout

Also this week I sprouted wheatgrass and started growing it in my lil planter boi. The grass is growing really super fast, so I snapped a couple of pictures tonight so that I could somewhat document its growing process.