The past week has been dedicated to cold finish work and documentation. I took some pedestal shots of my lotus pod in the SpaceLab, which I think turned out pretty nice. I spent a few days cold finishing my wood carved/burned piece with a ceramics mother base…so very tedious.

Tiny. Little. Dots. Forever.

I got some good feedback from my final critique, which gave me deja vu from my undergrad crits – mainly, my work is all over the place and does not have much cohesion. I have made a conscious effort to focus and create pieces in series’, but my biggest challenge is still focus and style commitment. Hopefully the graduate programs I am applying to will be able to see potential in the different pieces.

Here’s a pic of some refired cups that turned out purdy nice. I have a little commission for a set of four, and I hope she likes ’em.

And another photo from today’s documentation sesh.

Now it’s time to edit and put together my image pool. Lesssssdo it!