After a hectic ‘vacation’, I spent a few days in Arizona in order to tour the graduate program at Arizona State University. I sat down with Susan Beiner and Sam Chung. They were amazing and I’m so happy it worked out to meet them.

When I got back to Louisville, I had to tuck and roll back into my last semester as a Post-Bacc at IU Southeast (which I missed the first week of) as well as move into my new apartment.

I finally got to get my hands muddy again today, starting a little coil piece as an exercise and to play with a new textural element for emphasis, and to have places for the eye to rest. I had been using empty space in my last pieces, but I tried using a clean slab instead. It ended up being a cool way to direct the coils into natural undulations.

I did a little bit of sketching and thinking about how the work should progress this semester. I’ll work on building the forms all the way around with no flat spots, making multiples more quickly, and using textile and wire elements to make connections. I’ve also been looking at images of cancer cells, which are fascinating and strongly resemble the seed pod images I was working with last semester.