This past week has been packed with the joy of graduate school applications. In usual “Last-Minute Lalana” fashion, I’ve decided to apply to 6 more schools, for a total of 8, and I’m currently on the formatting grind: editing forever and then converting all of my files to 6 different standards of quality and format. I finished the inside of this new coil bowl, but haven’t started any new sculptures right now.


I also went to the Speed Art Museum for the first time, and got to get some art in my face. I was really digging on these ’70’s lithographs by Bruce Conner.








My favorite piece was a video by Bruce Conner, called “Three Screen Ray”, an edited, found-footage film set to Ray Charles’ “What’d I Say”. I’m glad I went, and I’m excited to get out and see more art in Louisville now that I live here.

Next week there will be less computers and more clay. See you then.