This week the IUS Post-Baccs fired a cone 6 soda. We decided to use 3 lbs of soda for the spray, which is what Abby normally uses in her cone 10 firings. I thought the soda was pretty heavy, and I would probably use 2 lbs next time, but Jacob really liked how it turned out. It looked very similar to a cone 10. Regrettably I took no photos of the pots, I will overcompensate in my next post.

I also fired off Li’l Eddie, to get my beads and mugs through. I packed the kiln so tight with class work. I’m very proud but I also took no pictures of the stack. I am ill-prepared for this blog right now.


While I was firing off Li’l Eddie, I started working on a new coil project. I’m using the giant plaster bowl I normally use to dehydrate clay as a slump mold. I’ve not worked with coils this size before and it’s a great time.