I’m gonna pick up where I left off last week with the cone 6 soda. The surfaces are really similar to a cone 10. I am looking for a more distinctive look, and if we fire again, I’d like to lighten up on the reduction and spray a little less soda.


I’ve also been working on my large coil bowl. It’s giving me a little more sass than I thought it would. I had to get a whole set of bigger brushes for the finish work, and it’s just taking me a long time to get it where I want it to be.


I’ve been getting down on Ernst Haeckle marine drawings. They tasty.


I also got a bunch of jewels out of my cone 10. Soon these baby beads will be adult necklaces and earrings. Considering getting my Etsy up and running again, or possibly even building a store on my website! Stay tuned.