This week, I visited Lincoln, Nebraska to check out UNL’s graduate program. I got to see some amazing art in the campus galleries, specifically the Sheldon Museum, where I got to see four shows. One was a Sheldon Treasures exhibition, which displayed selected pieces from the impressive collection of the Sheldon Art Association.

“Princesse X” by Constantin Brancusi


“Yellow Band” Mark Rothko


“The County Agricultural Agent” by Norman Rockwell


I also went to see the Nebraska State Capitol building, which is a crazy art deco building made from Indiana limestone. The building is anchored by a 3 story square base, which contains the office of the Govenor of Nebraska, the Nebraska Supreme Court, the Nebraska Court of Appeals, and the Nebraska Legislature. The inside is decorated with massive paintings. On top of the building is “The Sower”, a sculpture of a man throwin’ corn seeds around, in true Nebraska fashion.


To wrap up my week, I finished my large coiled bowl sculpture. I had to flip it a couple of times to polish up both sides, but it’s finally done and will have time to slow-dry during my NCECA week. Yay!