Hi frens, this week I was in Pittsburgh, PA for NCECA 2018. Here’s a picture of me and my sissies/moms/claybies/ at the NCECA Annual Show with Natalia Arbelaez’s sculpture “Coming to America”.


The Student Show at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts was one of my favorite exhibitions. Here is a neat photo of Banana Field by Robert Lewis-Nash.


I also really loved this nesting multimedia sculpture by Patrick Kingshill, a third year grad at University of Nebraska Lincoln.


I watched a glaze casting demo with Jamie Bates Slone, which was a very interesting process and result! I love her work and she did a really great job presenting.


Toward the end of the week, we went to the Mattress Factory Museum and walked through their whole complex of buildings/floors. That museum had some amazing work in their permanent collection and rotating installations. This piece by Sarah Oppenheimer really blew my mind – it’s a channel cut through three floors of the building, with a wood-crafted chute that goes through to the outside.


I also bought a really tight cup by Nolan Baumgartner. I’m in love w it. Sorry/not sorry for the image-heavy blog. See you next week!