Last week was Spring Break, it was nice to have a break from class and get some quiet studio time. I’ve been working on a couple different ideas in preparation for my final class critique and my BFA group critique – both next week. I’ve been making these coiled loopy bowls, I was planning to involve some textiles but I’m not so sure about anything in life anymore.


I’ve also been playign around with these spherical silicone ice cube molds. I tried to cast em in slip and soft clay but the silicone doesn’t absorb moisture, so they just end up looking weird when they shrink. I started casting them in plaster and making little lollipops, painting them with acrylics, and planting them in some raw clay. I’ve got mad thots about it and I think this idea is gonna make a cameo in the SpaceLab next week.










Pretty sick week. Okay byeeeee