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This week was all about glazing and firing these coil pieces. I unloaded the two larger ones and was a little underwhelmed by the clear glaze. It’s actually really nice and subtle, but it doesn’t make the pieces pop from farther away.   I did like the blue running at the edges that overlapped with […]

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Science Experiments

Hello frens, this week I have photos of the installation I did in the SpaceLab using paint, plaster-cast spheres with wire AKA LOLLIES, acrylic paint, and raw clay. I had so much fun putting it together and had a good BFA crit with lots of helpful feedback!   Tearing that sucker off the wall was […]

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Lollipop Squad

I’ve been switching between two bodies of work for several weeks; I bisqued my coil bowls (that’s a working title) and started to make posts for them for the glaze firing. Three of the unsupported coils broke in the bisque – I’ll be able to repair it, but I’m going to have to epoxy and […]

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Spring Break

Last week was Spring Break, it was nice to have a break from class and get some quiet studio time. I’ve been working on a couple different ideas in preparation for my final class critique and my BFA group critique – both next week. I’ve been making these coiled loopy bowls, I was planning to […]

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Hi frens, this week I was in Pittsburgh, PA for NCECA 2018. Here’s a picture of me and my sissies/moms/claybies/ at the NCECA Annual Show with Natalia Arbelaez’s sculpture “Coming to America”.   The Student Show at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts was one of my favorite exhibitions. Here is a neat photo of Banana […]

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This week, I visited Lincoln, Nebraska to check out UNL’s graduate program. I got to see some amazing art in the campus galleries, specifically the Sheldon Museum, where I got to see four shows. One was a Sheldon Treasures exhibition, which displayed selected pieces from the impressive collection of the Sheldon Art Association. “Princesse X” […]

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Chuggin’ Away

I’m gonna pick up where I left off last week with the cone 6 soda. The surfaces are really similar to a cone 10. I am looking for a more distinctive look, and if we fire again, I’d like to lighten up on the reduction and spray a little less soda.   I’ve also been […]

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Big Bowl Boi

This week the IUS Post-Baccs fired a cone 6 soda. We decided to use 3 lbs of soda for the spray, which is what Abby normally uses in her cone 10 firings. I thought the soda was pretty heavy, and I would probably use 2 lbs next time, but Jacob really liked how it turned […]

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Glazing & Firing

This week I focused on finishing up my pieces for the a Cone 6 Soda and the Cone 10 Gas. I did some wax resisting and simple white glaze on my midrange clay body.   I also made more wire racks for jewelry. I made a few more sets of beads, and made my own […]

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