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Goodbye IUS!

Today was my last day as a Post-Bacc at IU Southeast! Like whoa dude.

Sorry in advance for the quality of this blog post…I didn’t take any pictures of what I was working on this week. I’m making some different sized plate sets. I like em. Envision plates.

I do have a picture of a planter I made last week. I just repotted my peace lily, which I am obsessed with and treat as my own child.


Charlyn gave me these nose espresso cups. I love them and I love her and I will miss her.


Lindsey gave me some cutie little minis. I love them/her and will also miss her.


In conclusion, I love everyone at IU Southeast and I will miss them all. What a truly dope three semesters.



This week was all about glazing and firing these coil pieces. I unloaded the two larger ones and was a little underwhelmed by the clear glaze. It’s actually really nice and subtle, but it doesn’t make the pieces pop from farther away.


I did like the blue running at the edges that overlapped with the dark glaze, and so I decided to layer those glazes on the flat areas of the three smaller pieces. Still not sure how I feel about it.


Matt Mitros came to visit this week and dropped some sick knowledge. It was cool to see his process and hear his thoughts about his work.


In other news, my genius plan to repair my broken mug handle failed horribly. #accidentalsculpture #ceramiccasualties

I made a business card holder.

Aaand I’m working on something else. Can you guess what it is??

Science Experiments

Hello frens, this week I have photos of the installation I did in the SpaceLab using paint, plaster-cast spheres with wire AKA LOLLIES, acrylic paint, and raw clay. I had so much fun putting it together and had a good BFA crit with lots of helpful feedback!


Tearing that sucker off the wall was p satisfying too.

Other thangs in the works are making glazing mechanisms and glazing these coil pieces, they’re finished with two different 04 glaze treatments, one on the coils and one on the smooth surfaces. I finally got the first two loaded and firing – ALTHOUGH I did try and patch several broken coils with raw paper clay – it’s worked before but who even knows, its time to let Jesus take the wheel.


I also glazed a few coiled cups for the cone 10. ALSO I shattered a handle on an already twice-fired coil cup (in gas-soda and again in gas) but I really like the cup so I glued it back together with E6000, dipped the handle in more glaze, and chucked that bad boy in there too. Sometimes you gotta just wing it.

Lollipop Squad

I’ve been switching between two bodies of work for several weeks; I bisqued my coil bowls (that’s a working title) and started to make posts for them for the glaze firing. Three of the unsupported coils broke in the bisque – I’ll be able to repair it, but I’m going to have to epoxy and cold finish them, and thus, revise my original glaze plans. O well!


I’ve also been poppin’ out lollies like a fool this week. I’ve been painting them in batches and also spent the past few days figuring out the color/shapes/composition I’m painting on the wall in the SpaceLab. It’s been challenging to work so experimentally, but I have so much fun in that brainspace.


Stay tuned/ also here’s a photo of some cups I’ve been making.


Spring Break

Last week was Spring Break, it was nice to have a break from class and get some quiet studio time. I’ve been working on a couple different ideas in preparation for my final class critique and my BFA group critique – both next week. I’ve been making these coiled loopy bowls, I was planning to involve some textiles but I’m not so sure about anything in life anymore.


I’ve also been playign around with these spherical silicone ice cube molds. I tried to cast em in slip and soft clay but the silicone doesn’t absorb moisture, so they just end up looking weird when they shrink. I started casting them in plaster and making little lollipops, painting them with acrylics, and planting them in some raw clay. I’ve got mad thots about it and I think this idea is gonna make a cameo in the SpaceLab next week.










Pretty sick week. Okay byeeeee


Hi frens, this week I was in Pittsburgh, PA for NCECA 2018. Here’s a picture of me and my sissies/moms/claybies/ at the NCECA Annual Show with Natalia Arbelaez’s sculpture “Coming to America”.


The Student Show at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts was one of my favorite exhibitions. Here is a neat photo of Banana Field by Robert Lewis-Nash.


I also really loved this nesting multimedia sculpture by Patrick Kingshill, a third year grad at University of Nebraska Lincoln.


I watched a glaze casting demo with Jamie Bates Slone, which was a very interesting process and result! I love her work and she did a really great job presenting.


Toward the end of the week, we went to the Mattress Factory Museum and walked through their whole complex of buildings/floors. That museum had some amazing work in their permanent collection and rotating installations. This piece by Sarah Oppenheimer really blew my mind – it’s a channel cut through three floors of the building, with a wood-crafted chute that goes through to the outside.


I also bought a really tight cup by Nolan Baumgartner. I’m in love w it. Sorry/not sorry for the image-heavy blog. See you next week!



This week, I visited Lincoln, Nebraska to check out UNL’s graduate program. I got to see some amazing art in the campus galleries, specifically the Sheldon Museum, where I got to see four shows. One was a Sheldon Treasures exhibition, which displayed selected pieces from the impressive collection of the Sheldon Art Association.

“Princesse X” by Constantin Brancusi


“Yellow Band” Mark Rothko


“The County Agricultural Agent” by Norman Rockwell


I also went to see the Nebraska State Capitol building, which is a crazy art deco building made from Indiana limestone. The building is anchored by a 3 story square base, which contains the office of the Govenor of Nebraska, the Nebraska Supreme Court, the Nebraska Court of Appeals, and the Nebraska Legislature. The inside is decorated with massive paintings. On top of the building is “The Sower”, a sculpture of a man throwin’ corn seeds around, in true Nebraska fashion.


To wrap up my week, I finished my large coiled bowl sculpture. I had to flip it a couple of times to polish up both sides, but it’s finally done and will have time to slow-dry during my NCECA week. Yay!


Chuggin’ Away

I’m gonna pick up where I left off last week with the cone 6 soda. The surfaces are really similar to a cone 10. I am looking for a more distinctive look, and if we fire again, I’d like to lighten up on the reduction and spray a little less soda.


I’ve also been working on my large coil bowl. It’s giving me a little more sass than I thought it would. I had to get a whole set of bigger brushes for the finish work, and it’s just taking me a long time to get it where I want it to be.


I’ve been getting down on Ernst Haeckle marine drawings. They tasty.


I also got a bunch of jewels out of my cone 10. Soon these baby beads will be adult necklaces and earrings. Considering getting my Etsy up and running again, or possibly even building a store on my website! Stay tuned.

Big Bowl Boi

This week the IUS Post-Baccs fired a cone 6 soda. We decided to use 3 lbs of soda for the spray, which is what Abby normally uses in her cone 10 firings. I thought the soda was pretty heavy, and I would probably use 2 lbs next time, but Jacob really liked how it turned out. It looked very similar to a cone 10. Regrettably I took no photos of the pots, I will overcompensate in my next post.

I also fired off Li’l Eddie, to get my beads and mugs through. I packed the kiln so tight with class work. I’m very proud but I also took no pictures of the stack. I am ill-prepared for this blog right now.


While I was firing off Li’l Eddie, I started working on a new coil project. I’m using the giant plaster bowl I normally use to dehydrate clay as a slump mold. I’ve not worked with coils this size before and it’s a great time.

Glazing & Firing

This week I focused on finishing up my pieces for the a Cone 6 Soda and the Cone 10 Gas. I did some wax resisting and simple white glaze on my midrange clay body.


I also made more wire racks for jewelry. I made a few more sets of beads, and made my own clay stands. I layered two glazes for the surface I want, and after the double dipping, the beads became saturated and take several minutes to dry. I created a v high tech skewer to resolve that issue.


I glazed my coil mugs with a full dip and then wiping back the glaze on the outside. The glaze sticks inside of the coils really well, and I think it looks really dramatic. I left the glaze around the handles, too, for a visual effect and also for strength.


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