Artist Statement

My art practice explores the partial body to express the slippery, formless, non-coherent self. I consider what it means to live within individual and social bodies, presenting identity as partial, contradictory, and strategic. Informed by abjection, postminimalism, surrealist sculpture, queer abstraction, kitsch, and camp, my work disrupts conventional notions of self-perception.

When I make my work, I create ceramic pieces and design their surroundings. Approaching subjectivity through a cerebral and poetic understanding of the body, I use the ceramic object as a proxy, disconnected from a complete whole. I sculpt distorted and fragmented body parts, merging slits, folds, creases, and lumps into truncated structures. I imagine eerie and monstrous forms, influenced by surrealist sculpture and body horror cinema, while critically examining female archetypes and their impact on contemporary power structures.

To shape the contextual backdrop for my work, I construct nontraditional pedestals and displays, forging material relationships. Sometimes I place my work in internal space, unfolding the repressed self in private. Body parts rest on miniature upholstered furniture, cushions, or beds, using domestic language to explore the inward gaze of self-observation. I also reference the architecture of pedestals and frames, playing with the traditional structures of exhibition space in order to question the social body, institutional belonging, and point toward the inherent absurdity of fine art.

By reimagining the material body through my sculptures, I hope to awaken a primal recognition within the viewer. These object sculptures produce visceral realities, manifesting the abject self as a transformative gesture that leads to acknowledgement and release. Simultaneously, they are synthetic imitations of reality. I embrace this paradox, navigate this tension, and reflect a universal experience of alienation. By describing the body in pieces, I explore identity as expansive, multi-faceted, continuously shifting, and difficult to distill.