I am compelled to create intricate patterns inspired by the natural world, conveying my experience by building organic forms and simulating biological surfaces. It is remarkable that perfect sequential designs are effortlessly cultivated, and I crave this repetition. The Fibonacci sequence can be found in everything from flower petals, seed pods, pine cones, and sea shells, to DNA molecules, the human face and body, hurricanes, tornadoes, and even galaxies. I am fascinated by the idea that a mathematical order exists concurrently with the law of entropy, which maintains that the chaos within a system will always increase. It is a logical dilemma that disarray and turmoil can coexist with such perfect symmetry and consistency.

There is an inherent beauty in the cyclical forces of nature. As human beings, we go through phases of ease and happiness as well as those of great difficulty. The solution requires us to be in touch with the realities of change, surrender the illusion of control, and allow ourselves to be taken by the current. The physical properties of clay reflect this sentiment. Clay allows me to work with fluidity, handling material with both impulse and meticulousness.

I am captivated by the cycles that constitute our world, cycles that are actively at play in the process of making and firing ceramic. I create my work to express reverence for natural domains and showcase the vibrancy of life.